Wednesday, June 1, 2016
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Ungodly amounts of nBome, Spice, and Melting


This was sometime during the end of summer. The subtances we had during the night included a sheet of 25b-nbome (3000ug per tab) and a sheet of a combination of 25i-nbomeĀ and 25c-nbome (800/1600ug per tab), and about 2 ounces of spices with stupid amounts of pb22) Over the coarse of the night i had comsumed 10 of each for a ... Read More »


now this is the third time i have taken chemicals out of the nbome family i want to start with saying i dont really know what health implacations this drug may have on anyone so at least be safe and start small. abit of info on the drug: it is a higher dose levle for this drug the scale of ... Read More »

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