Saturday, August 27, 2016

4-HO-MiPT Trip, Poppy Seed Tea, Flooded House


This experience happened on last Thursday. I had just received a gram of 4-ho-mipt and was eager to test it out. In the morning I took an allergy test bump and waited for two hours. I told a friend of mine (we’ll call him Jay) what I had gotten and …

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4-ACO-DMT and Opiate addiction


Firstly, in general I am not one to share my experiences with “Substances” especially in the case of hallucinatory experiences I find them personal and with a molecule such as 4-ACO-DMT, especially. Simply due to the amount of info online regarding this.  I have been using opiates for almost 15 …

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Captura de pantalla 2016-05-29 a la(s) 22.38.34

Made this video because I took LSD for the first time one month ago and got to tell that it was an HUGE bad trip. Could’t sleep for 7 days and saw some things that I didnt want to see. Now, I’m not here to tell that nobody should take …

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Neil Youngs “Old Man”

So I went to my friends house who lived a couple towns over. We began with some mushrooms he had stored away- less than two grams split between us- and perhaps had a drink. Then began the evolution of the thought loop.  I was really feeling it by the time …

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When I was on my way to a bush doof (Australian equivalent to a bush rave) and it got shut down by the police who were actually super nice. Anyway, was waiting for my friend to get back and decided to use the $40 I’d designated to acid for … …

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Sri Yantra

I had the opportunity to try 2-ce. I was in the midst of something of a spiritual emergency like what Grof talks about in The Stormy Search for the Self. I was with two other people who did the same amount as me insufflated. We each took 14mg which was weighted …

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What is more psychedelic than Death?


I was recently fortunate enough to talk with the legendary film director Caveh Zahedi about Death and Dying.  Caveh draws on a number of psychedelic experiences to tell us what he thinks about Death. 

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Morning Glory in Retrospect


After taking ketamine rectally and proceeding to do lines of it off Chris’ dresser and when I took that last line that was really big I returned to the living room and went into a grand mal seizure that I am beginning to have recollections of. Some of what I …

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