Monday, September 26, 2016

Ego death on MDMA


This story happened 2 nights ago to a friend of mine. We were a group of seven people dropping that night, 4 out of those were first timers. Only me and two others had done it before. We tested the batch that we had gotten only with a purity test, …

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my story of when i fired a weapon at a mountain lion while under the effects of dmt  

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My first Goa-Party and my First MDMA experience


In June my friends took me spontaneously to a Goa Party called “Weiherstampf” because it was at a pond (Weiher german for Pond). They called me it is the biggest Goa in our region The Party was over three days and two nights. One of the DJ’s was a friend …

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My first Trip (1p-LSD)


Until this week I just smoked weed and tried MDMA once. On parties I do Amphetamine sometimes but last week I decided to become a Psychonaut so I asked a friend to organize LSD. He ordered it via clearnet (not Darknet) so I asked him why he isn’t afraid to …

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I’m new to the neurosoup community but have followed Krystle’s videos on YouTube for a long time now, figured I could share a story for the folks here to enjoy reading and/or interpreting. Keep in mind this was not a recent event but I’d include it in my “Top 10” …

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Wild Mushroom Hunting


I cannot find much information about which Psilocybins grow wild in Virginia and when. Does anyone have any information on this?

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Tripping without LSD


This is not a post to advertise dangerous drugs, this is only my thoughts of my trip based on reflection.  I haven’t ever drop LSD or eaten magic mushrooms, most of my trips are created from meditation, the hallucination is somewhat mellow, so to trip from Ketamine was incredibly mind …

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4-HO-MiPT Trip, Poppy Seed Tea, Flooded House


This experience happened on last Thursday. I had just received a gram of 4-ho-mipt and was eager to test it out. In the morning I took an allergy test bump and waited for two hours. I told a friend of mine (we’ll call him Jay) what I had gotten and …

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