Tuesday, July 26, 2016


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Made this video because I took LSD for the first time one month ago and got to tell that it was an HUGE bad trip. Could’t sleep for 7 days and saw some things that I didnt want to see. Now, I’m not here to tell that nobody should take …

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Neil Youngs “Old Man”

So I went to my friends house who lived a couple towns over. We began with some mushrooms he had stored away- less than two grams split between us- and perhaps had a drink. Then began the evolution of the thought loop.  I was really feeling it by the time …

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When I was on my way to a bush doof (Australian equivalent to a bush rave) and it got shut down by the police who were actually super nice. Anyway, was waiting for my friend to get back and decided to use the $40 I’d designated to acid for … …

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Sri Yantra

I had the opportunity to try 2-ce. I was in the midst of something of a spiritual emergency like what Grof talks about in The Stormy Search for the Self. I was with two other people who did the same amount as me insufflated. We each took 14mg which was weighted …

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What is more psychedelic than Death?


I was recently fortunate enough to talk with the legendary film director Caveh Zahedi about Death and Dying.  Caveh draws on a number of psychedelic experiences to tell us what he thinks about Death. 

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Morning Glory in Retrospect


After taking ketamine rectally and proceeding to do lines of it off Chris’ dresser and when I took that last line that was really big I returned to the living room and went into a grand mal seizure that I am beginning to have recollections of. Some of what I …

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drug trip

Hey there people especially Kryst whos’s videos ive been admiring recently online. This is my first post and its in response to one of the fine ladies videos she made. In UK id say pasy 8 months 2c-b-fly has become available on UK vendor research chemical dealer sites. I was …

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Canada’s new treatment for Heroin addicts that is showing much promise.

About a year ago Canada started a new treatment program for heroin addicts by giving them actual pharmacutical diamorphine or the more well known hydromorphone(diluadid) which is giving them actual pure heroin and the results are amazing.For the participating patients overdoses have dropped to almost none and since they take …

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