Friday, October 28, 2016

Plato’s Cave and the path to psychedelic enlightenment


i see allot of ppl asking what are the steps to fallow or even how to skip it all to be able to arrive at the top instantly… well im sorry to say there are no short cuts. you see the ultimate goal in life is enlightenment and there are …

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Rolling twice in two weeks?


Why hello there neurosoup community! I have a question about me rolling twice in two weeks on MDMA. Basically I am a very infrequent user of mdma and I do as much as I can harm reduction wise, however last Wednesday was the first time I rolled in about a …

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How to go about trying these various substances without any stepping stones?


Hello everyone. First and foremost thanks to Krystle for opening the community up to non-subscribers. I hope that the place can grow a bit now  but at the same time keep what seems to be a friendly and astute style of posting with quality of quantity.  I do not know …

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MDMA Question (newb here)


Hey everyone, I am new to this community site and have a few questions about MDMA.   My questions are: How long should you wait to take it again? Lets say I take it one weekend, how long should I wait to do it again?  Are there any brain damaging …

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Ego death on MDMA


This story happened 2 nights ago to a friend of mine. We were a group of seven people dropping that night, 4 out of those were first timers. Only me and two others had done it before. We tested the batch that we had gotten only with a purity test, …

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my story of when i fired a weapon at a mountain lion while under the effects of dmt  

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My first Goa-Party and my First MDMA experience


In June my friends took me spontaneously to a Goa Party called “Weiherstampf” because it was at a pond (Weiher german for Pond). They called me it is the biggest Goa in our region The Party was over three days and two nights. One of the DJ’s was a friend …

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My first Trip (1p-LSD)


Until this week I just smoked weed and tried MDMA once. On parties I do Amphetamine sometimes but last week I decided to become a Psychonaut so I asked a friend to organize LSD. He ordered it via clearnet (not Darknet) so I asked him why he isn’t afraid to …

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