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Canada’s new treatment for Heroin addicts that is showing much promise.

About a year ago Canada started a new treatment program for heroin addicts by giving them actual pharmacutical diamorphine or the more well known hydromorphone(diluadid) which is giving them actual pure heroin and the results are amazing.For the participating patients overdoses have dropped to almost none and since they take thier dose at the clinic they were treated in time so no one died. The crime rate among the participants has completely stopped to the point of people actually getting thier lifes back, holding a job, watching thier children and getting thier dose everyday so there is no sickness or activity to do questionable things to get money for dope. Point being is that people are going to use so why not treat it like a medical condition and not … Read entire article »


minor cocaine use

ive had maybe 5 grams of cocaine in my life…the first time I had been drunk as hell in my friends apt…then I decided I should take two lines…once I did the euphoria was insane and it was then 4am and I ran to my apt….I literally ran because the coke made it possible……then later on I got 3 grams because I had an exposed nerve in a molar….but I ended up snorting it all…I was gunna use it for tooth numbing…but I just snorted it all…after this I knew I could never have cocaine ever again because I would just snort it all for no reason other then to sweat…cocaine sucks   … Read entire article »


One day I took 3/8ths of an ounce of shrooms…if that doesn’t make sense I took 1/4 and 1/8th of mushrooms…I woke up at 8 in the morning… I got a 99cent huge rice crispy treat bar….then I drive home…I then cut up all the mushrooms I have into small pieces so it will blend into the puffed rice pieces…honestly I think rice crispy treat way is the best way to take shrooms…anyway….I took it all by 9am…I began seeing patterns immediately after 20min…then suddenly I began to peak…I went to my basement …I wrapped my self in a blanket… and my visual hallucinations were going insane… everything was melting and pulsing…but after a while I inevitably came … Read entire article »

Morning Glory: Focusing on The Content of the DPT molecule activity

Morning Glory: Focusing on The Content of the DPT molecule activity

Taking a look at DPT from a “What was in that?” perspective. The content of the trip was totally alien and bizarre. To paraphrase a line from Ann Shulgin, “I felt like I was walking on the edge of a razor blade.”   … Read entire article »

Morning Glory The Video

Morning Glory The Video

In 2012 I began experiencing continuous Samadhi-Satori experiences that I thought were a by-product of the trip where I was perma-fried. A magician would visit me each evening while sleeping and present recorded videos of him in various locations performing his stamen. I feel the stamen of the shamen is not something to be taken lightly. Below are links to … Read entire article »

Deschloroketamine (2-oxo-pcm)

I have been experimenting with Deschloroketamine (2-oxo-pcm) for some time. However, as is common with the research chemical market, it is hard to know exactly what you’re getting. The trip I’m about to describe may have been actually fueled by O-PCE (2-oxo-pce). This seems to be the popular opinion on this particular batch, but there is no conclusive (GC/MS) evidence either way. I have tried other batches of Deschloroketamine and found them much different than this batch, whatever that means. I had been doing small doses (~10mg) every few hours over the course of a day. I found each dose (even the first) didn’t last longer than 2 – 3 hours, then I was totally sober, … Read entire article »

Education first before mixing drugs of any kind

I take a lot of drugs all the time and am a very careful and cautious person since I have been using all types of drugs for 20 years. I have done almost every mixture you can imagine. The longevity of my drug choices are for the first part because I study and research every substance I try first. I also see what the possible experience of different mixtures can cause. I really enjoy taking several different kinds of drugs at one time and letting them work together in unison to get the most out of the substances. Nowadays I really enjoy taking morphine, xanex, adderal and soma sometimes using cocaine also or substituting meth … Read entire article »

Salvia: My Favorite Psychedelic!!!

Salvia: My Favorite Psychedelic!!!

Salvia Divinorum has become my favorite psychedelic. The first time I tried it was in high school in a social environment, my trip was weird and not in a spiritual context at all but also not necessarily bad. After high school I began to smoke it properly, usually about a 20x strength extract or less. By properly I mean that … Read entire article »